Foals KayJay Farm

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KayJays Blue Buck Jewels

She has finally arrived! A beautiful buckskin filly from Belle, our daughter’s very first mini. Jewels is sired by Quarter Moon Farms Blue Echo Echo, Little Kings Buck Echo grandson, and her dam is Belle, Buckeroo granddaughter. Jewels is petite, refined and should mature about 31”. AMHA/R, PQ pending .

Jaegon's Independence Day Sarge

Born on the 4th of July, this little chestnut pinto colt is a tiny ball of dynamite just like his pedigree. Sired by National Champion Brewer’s Classic Cabernet, Sarge should mature about 27”. Dam is B&Ws Gold Boy Southern Sun. AMHA/R pending.

KayJays Snipettes Blue Lightening

Legs, legs, and more legs. This gorgeous pinto colt has awesome markings to match his pedigree. Sired by QMFs Blue EchoEcho and Grand Oaks Snipettes Fashion Patch, Lightning should mature about 33" and will be AMHA/AMHR, PQ'ed.

KayJays Classic-Lee Fancy

This tiny, refined little chestnut tovero filly was sired by National Champion Brewers Classic Cabernet and her dam is "Lil Red' on mares page. Fancy will be AMHA/AMHR, PQ'ed and should mature about 28 inches.