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Cross Country Crazy4You

33.5" Bay with Bald Face and Brilliant Blue Eyes
AMHA #164353
AMHR #262432T

Shown as weanling (3rd out of 48 at AMHR Nationals)

Sire: Cross Country Rowdy's Reflection
Dam: Cross Country Red Boys Lady in Red

Grand Oaks Snipettes Fashion Patch

33.5" Chestnut Tobiano Pinto w/ Pawprints

AMHA #A67518, DNA'd
AMHR #275750A

Sire: Bond Patches II, 100% Bond Pedigree
Dam: First Knights Lady Snipette, daughter of Bond Snippet

Timbes Prissy

32" Black/White Homozygous Pinto

AMHA # A103830
AMHR #277122A

Sire: Timbes Timka, Dell Teras and Jefferson Hall Bloodlines
Dam: Jefferson Halls Scarlet, Stout and Vant Huttenest Bloodlines

Cross Country's Satin Mist

34" Silver Dapple Bay Roan

AMHA #A35430, DNA'd
AMHR #226921A

Sire: Lazy N Red Boy, Son of the infamous Rowdy
Dam: Fowlers Midget

Bucks Prime Jewel

AKA "Belle"

30" Bay Mare

AMHA #A148178, DNA'd
AMHR #253991A

Sire: Little Kings Color Me Buck, Son of Boones Little Buckeroo
Dam: B & WS Designer Princess, Traces back to Gold Melody Boy

RHS Little Miss

33" Dark Bay Mare

AMHA #121899
AMHR Pending

Sire: Alliance Dandys Dynamic
Dam: Seven CS Living Doll

Bred to Lucky Four Rebels Roan Ranger for 2010

High Cotton Little Rich Girl

32.5" Silver Dapple Mare

AMHA #165458
AMHR Pending

Sire: Glenns Southern Legend
Dam: Far Vista Farms Rich and Rebellious

Kates Sugar Plum

32" Non-Fading Black Mare

AMHA #A58349, DNA'd
AMHR #271913A

Sire: Sof Van Huttenest Solo Image
Dam: Small World Kate

Stonedance Bunny Bizness

31" Chestnut Dun Tovero Pinto

AMHA #A157480, Parent Qualified
AMHR #250779T

Sire: Owsley Fork M and Ms
Dam: Bethel Brooke Whisper A Prayer, Traces back to Komokos Little King Supreme

Gold Boy Southern Sun

AKA 'Cocoa'

28.75" Chestnut w/ Flaxen Mane & Tail

AMHA #A148160
AMHR #254003A

Sire: Johnston's Gold Boy, Son of Gold Melody Boy
Dam: Gilliams Rejone

Kalisas Fancy Red Sonja

29" Chestnut Mare AMHA #A164854
AMHR #268049

Sire: Wilocages Slicker Jr
Dam: Rockin Midnight Magic

KayJays Ebony Plum Princess

AKA "Snow White"

AMHA #168847
AMHR #277123

Sire: Grand Oaks Rebel Rouser
Dam: Kates Sugar Plum

KayJays Mist N Twinkly Star

Cross Countrys Satin Mist and Lone Stars Cheyenne Warrior are the proud parents of this beautiful black filly. Born on April 1st, Twinkle should mature around 33" and has mom's large expressive eyes. She carries exceptional bloodlines including Lazy N Red Boy, Komokos Chief Spotted Wolf and Rowdy. Twinkle will be A/R and PQ'ed. KayJay Farm can't wait to see how she matures.

KayJays Blue Melody Divha

This awesome tiny dunskin marks the first ever foal born at KayJay Farm. Proud first time parents are B&WS Gold Boy Southern Sun, aka. Cocoa, and QMFS Blue EchoEcho. Divha apears to have inherited dad's long legs and coloring with mom's big eyes. Divha, born on March 4th, stands about 18.5" tall, has a distinctive dorsal stripe. Divha has tested positive for cream gene and is A/R, PQ'ed, and should mature about 30". She knows that she's special already!

KayJays Warrior Princess

This gorgeous black roan filly made her debut on March 26th a few weeks prior to due date. Dam is Kates Sugar Plum, Bond pedigree with foundation bloodlines, bred to Lone Star Cheyenne Warrior, our own Hall of Famer. Both of these horses have produced outstanding foals and this one is no exception. She has a beautiful tiny muzzle and ears with legs for days. AMHA/AMHR registration and PQ pending. Filly should mature about 30-31" and be an excellent mover like both parents.  AMHA#185404, AMHR #291539T, PQ'ed.

High Cotton Twisted Rich Sally

T2009 Chestnut Filly

AMHA #A196015

SIRE: Fallen Ash Scouts Twist of Twilight
DAM: High Cotton Little Rich Girl